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I’ve always been driven by this fiery curiosity. It’s wrapped into my creative self and helps define the tenacity and passion that I bring to projects that I work on. I’m also a coffee fiend. Currently, I’m serving as the Associate Director for Multimedia Services at Sam Houston State University Online. My team and I create and design media content for online courses, collateral for marketing, and help out online students where we can. 

My curiosity has led me on a winding journey through some interesting creative endeavors. I started my undergraduate college career as a music major but finished with a Film Production degree due to my love of media technology. During this time, I had the pleasure of working with aspiring high school music students for the GRAMMY Foundation in the summers and also screened a short film called ILLUMENATE at the Cannes Film Festival.

In my senior year, I was exposed to dance while working with the dance department. I was captivated by movement. I wanted to explore how film, media, and choreography could come together to express the human experience. Mentorship and opportunities with NobleMotion Dance took my designs and creative abilities on tour across Texas presenting work at Houston’s Hobby Center for the Performing Arts and at TAMIU for an artist residency. These experiences led me to complete a Master of Fine Arts degree that focused on telling stories across media (aka transmedia narratology). After completing lengthy research and a fascinating creative process, I made a film called “23 and Counting” that told a coming of age tale through both the spoken and embodied stories of dancers. You can read more about it and watch the film here.

While I’ve chased film production and theatrical design throughout the years, Digital and Print Design have always sustained me. I started my design career working for a private design firm, Phusion Creative, where I was mentored through print design projects, website design projects, and advertising projects. This experience set me down a path and prepared me for a Media Coordinator position at Sugar Land Baptist Church, and then a Media Specialist position at Forest Glen Camps, gaining experience designing and creating various media assets and collateral for communications, marketing, and the web.

After completing my undergrad, I started working with SHSU Online as a Digital Media and Production Specialist producing course videos and degree program commercials, designing course banners, and assisting in the production of university live events. As the market for online education grew, so did our team. As the department grew and reorganized, my role changed. Taking on graphic design responsibilities and two designers, led to the expansion of my role into a Creative Services Coordinator position, then ultimately an Associate Director position. Our team took on designing an online education annual report, researching the user experience for SHSU’s website, and redesigning and developing the admissions website experience among many other day-to-day online education projects.

Early into my latest role as Associate Director for Multimedia Services, I was bitten by the data bug, which led me to rethink our team’s creative approach to projects. Utilizing qualitative and quantitative data from a variety of institutional, syndicated, and web sources we’ve crafted a new perspective and process into what drives our design choices and brand identity.

From digging around in the dirt and disassembling things as a kid to rethinking process and designing for the human experience as an adult, my journey has been filled with adventure, curiosity, and a drive to create.  There’s always an interesting adventure waiting around the corner, reach out and get in touch. Stay Curious!


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