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Kairos Defining Moments.

Short Film Concept, 2013.
Cinematography Project.

Concept and Production By Jonathan Kinsey

Concept Photos

The Big Idea.

Having been influenced by several artistic mediums, I’ve wondered why they have not been intertwined in such a way as to create a reflective yet powerful vessel that articulates and evokes struggle, faith, and hope. I’ve wrestled for the past two years with the idea, and just recently began to pin down the structure for a project.

Kairos, one of two greek words for time, is a defining moment when one intersects with eternity. A moment when God acts. Taking this concept, I thought about how to sensuously communicate what this is. Being influenced by the cinematic technique of whispering thoughts & prayers in The Tree of Life, the reflective minimalist worship of The Brilliance, and dance & technology in pieces such as The Grid & Lorelei’s Whisper, I imagined the structure for a three movement work that could be presented as either a short film, live experience, or both. Movement one exhibiting separation and struggle, movement two grace and faith, and movement three freedom and hope.

Ive been playing with the idea of projecting struggles and thoughts on the body while being voiced through sound design and music. I like the idea of using whispers in the form of thoughts and rhetorical questions that guide the viewer though the piece. To this soundtrack, we add visuals that will help tell the stories of individuals. At the beginning, individuals will appear to be “separated” from reality by being placed in front of a projected landscape, then by the end being “set free” by appearing inside reality instead of being separated from it.

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