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Opera Incognito

Sound Design, 2011.
Sam Houston State University Opera Workshop
Short Films for Opera

Written and Directed by Samuel Sanchez Jr.
Assistant Camera Operator: Alvin G. Morris
Boom Operators: Ashley Smith, Katie Fritz
Gaffers: Kasey Hunter, Summer Fluery, Katie Stephens, Samuel Sanchez Jr.
Specialty Lighting Rigger: Carrie Barton
Sound Design: Jonathan Kinsey
Special thanks to: SHSU School of Music, SHSU Department of Theatre, Carrie Barton, Jorge Jiminez, Larry Routh

This opera scenes program was inspired by film noir. The opera director asked for a film to be played before each scene. This was her creative way to connect the different scenes and tell the audience a little bit about the scene coming up. Our role as sound designer was to find music and sound effects that helped illustrate the film noir theme.

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