The Process

Behind the solution.

Here are a few things I’ve come to understand.


There is nothing more powerful than an idea.

Sometimes it comes with a glimpse of insight, or sometimes just from looking at the world in a new way. However, often the hardest part isn’t having an idea, but articulating it so that others see the world the way you do. I believe the most relatable and effective way to communicate ideas, big or small, is through telling a compelling story.


Life is cyclical.

It can be broken into experiences with beginnings, middles, and ends that we intake, assimilate, and imitate. We see a natural rise, sustainment, and fall to most things. It’s common threads, like plot, characters, context, diction, movement, and music; found woven into stories that tie us to them. Good stories captivate us and pull us into the experience that surrounds them.


A starting place.

My creative process begins in constructing a framework for a project, and setting goals to work towards. Curiosity and questions are important to me in understanding the core idea behind a goal, so I find myself going to great lengths to discover connections and patterns between quantitative/qualitative data and the material that I am working with. A moment of clarity in finding an answer to a question is exhilarating, because profound understanding leads me with another piece of the larger solution.


Collaboration is key.

Experience is a raw material, rich with insight. I seek out collaborators within and outside of the process to gather feedback and input. I value guiding others to the same moment of clarity I had, because when people see the value behind an idea and help to develop it further they become a part of the story.


A solution.

I forge and create data-driven experiences. My creative process has been used in design, media, and choreography. It seeks to reveal truth in a way that connects people. It’s our experiences that bring us together, our stories. Let’s build one together.

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The Process

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